Spanning Tree

September, 2020 Online Now

Spanning Tree By Michael Oesterle

Bill Linwood, solo percussion
Recorded August 20, 2020
University of Victoria Farquhar Auditorium  

Michael Oesterle, Spanning Tree (2013-14) 

Born in 1968, Michael is a Canadian composer who currently lives in Deux-Montagnes Québec. In his introduction to the piece, Michael writes “A tree grows toward the sun, spanning the distance between itself and the light—each branch, each new angle reaching forward. In mathematics the branches of the spanning tree never grow back on themselves, never interfere with the light or each other, or, more accurately: “A tree is a connected undirected graph with no cycles.” It is a spanning tree of a graph if it includes every vertex (every corner) of the graph and every edge in the tree belongs to it. In reality (or art), the branches may not be straight, they might just sustain themselves beyond supportability, endure past simple logic or usefulness, exceeding the limits of prescribed space and ownership, straining to become something new.” 

The whistling of the winds, bearers of love

November 2020 Online performance 

University of Victoria Farquhar Auditorium

Aventa Ensemble
Bill Linwood, conductor

Gilles Tremblay…le sifflement des vents, porteurs de l’amour…,

Pierre Boulez – Anthèmes for solo violin and electronics * 

Gilles Tremblay – Solstices (ou Les jours et les saisons tournent) 

Boulez – Dérive I

Life Emerging

December 2020 Online performance 

Marcus Goddard – Life Emerging

Hitchcock Études

January 2020 Online performance

Aventa Ensemble
Solo flute, Mark McGregor
Solo horn, Darnell Linwood

Morlock, “Stone’s Throw”

Magnanensi, “Ethuia V”

Nicole Lizée, “Tarantino Études” / Hitchcock Études

VOI (rex)

 February 2020 Online performance 

Aventa Ensemble

Sørensen – Deserted Churchyard

David Eagle – As Mountain Winds

Gilles Tremblay, Le signe du Lion

Leroux – VOI (rex)

March and April programs to be announced…