Life Emerging

Marcus Goddard composer

Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier photographers

“Whether we know it or not, the sea is like a forgotten womb from which all life emerged. Maybe that is why our human soul yearns for the sea.” – Cristina Mittermeier, National Geographic photographer, conservationist, co-founder of SeaLegacy

In collaboration with renowned National Geographic photographers Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen I am developing a multi-media work that seeks to honour the wild spaces of the world – natural spaces we all revere and hope to protect. This exciting project is collaboratively supported by the Aventa Ensemble, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the non-profit organization SeaLegacy, and by members of the San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Nuremberg, and Melbourne Symphonies and the London Philharmonia.

This multi-phase work, titled Life Emerging fuses an innovative hybrid of composition, improvisation, digital collaboration and live orchestral performance with breathtaking video images created by Cristina and Paul while on expeditions from Svalbard, Norway in the Arctic to the Ross Sea of Antarctica.

In its first phase, Life Emerging extends the concept of an ensemble work into the digital realm by digitally transforming and layering a fabric of compositional phrases recorded by musicians in their homes. The Vancouver Symphony and Aventa Ensemble will feature the work on digital platforms starting in the fall of 2020 and Paul and Cristina will share our collaboration with their eight-million Instagram followers and with world-wide partners in nature conservancy through SeaLegacy.

The process of collaboratively honouring our connection to each other and to the natural world will be continued through a colouristic orchestration of Life Emerging from the digital realm into an expansive multi-media journey for live orchestra and film which will form a second phase of the work and will be performed by the Vancouver Symphony, the Aventa Ensemble, and other partners when the time allows us to experience music together again, in person.