A Lizée double-feature

Our online complimentary season continues with two of Nicole Lizée’s most striking works, incorporating performance, electronics and video.
“Tarantino Études” for bass flute, soundtrack and video was commissioned and premiered by flutist extraordinaire Mark Takeshi McGregor. This work has a warning for explicit violence,
strong language and drug use.
This version of “Hitchcock Études” features six players with soundtrack and video. Nicole Lizée writes that “the premise for “Hitchcock Études” is centred around my ongoing preoccupation with the fallibility of media. Technology has the potential to fail and can fail in spectacular ways, crating fascinating sounds and visuals. How to capture and replicate these beautiful mistakes?”
University Centre Farquhar Auditorium
University of Victoria
recorded Feb. 23, 2021
00:25 Nicole Lizée, Tarantino Études
Mark Takeshi McGregor, bass flute
21:28 Nicole Lizée, Hitchcock Études
Muge Buyukcelen, violin
Alasdair Money, cello
Mark McGregor, flute
AK Coope, bass clarinet
Roger Admiral, piano
Aaron Mattock, percussion
Bill Linwood, conductor
Concert duration 42:18
Tarantino Études and Hitchcock Études are published by the Canadian Music Centre.