Ian Crutchley

ianIan Crutchley
One Group Of A Number Of Beings (And Parts Of Such A Group)

premiere: Jan. 7, 2011 Edmonton, Muttart Hall

Ian Crutchley studied at Douglas College and The University of British Columbia and at the University of York where he completed a PhD in Music Composition. His composition teachers have included Stephen Chatman, Keith Hamel, Richard Orton and Nicola LeFanu. Ian has taught at The University of Lethbridge, Dalhousie University, Douglas College, Mount Allison University and The University of Alberta.

Ian’s compositions are diverse, encompassing electronic media, acoustic instruments and music theatre, often in combination. His music has been performed by many of the finest interpreters of new music from across Canada, as well as Britain and the USA.

One Group Of A Number Of Beings
(And Parts Of Such A Group)
“As the title implies, there is a group of distinct musical entities in this piece. Each of them was composed separately and completely without reference to each other, apart from some crossover of primary materials. Each works differently, though a unifying factor in all of them is a focus on vertical music, i.e. combining sounds in specific registers, pitches and timbres. The final composition was created by an overall process of selection and assembly somewhat akin to film editing or, more appropriately, tape music” – Ian Crutchley