Aventa in Copenhagen – June 15, 2009

Aventa in Copenhagen
Athelas Festival
PLEX, Copenhagen, June 15, 2009
A Ruders celebration!

Aventa took the music of Poul Ruders on tour with concerts in New York City and Copenhagen. No stranger to the music of Poul Ruders, Aventa presented the U.S. premiere of “Abysm” at Scandinavia House in 2006. The 2009 tour featured his “Horn Trio”, a virtuoso tour de force for violin, horn and piano in New York City, and “Abysm” and “Four Dances in One Movement” in Copenhagen.

Paul Ruders’ exaggerated chamber music received a hot reception.

There hung a couple of friendly, but certain and a little intimidating eyes on the end wall. A gigantic portrait with a wry smile and lowered shoulders a composer with self-confidence and the courage to consistently go his own way… And the marked face quickly became an exact picture of the original and hugely varied music.

It was day two our of three in Copenhagen Athelas’ mini-festival in honour of Ruders with an incredible four ensembles in attendance…One got most of Ruders’ manifold chamber music played with enthusiasm and authority all the way round.

Aventa presented Ruders’ 2000 work Abysm showing its fascinating consistency through through three varied tone paintings, which at no time moved out of place, yet imperceptibly underwent dramatic changes.” – Henrik Friis, Politiken